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Consumer habits are changing, but they sit atop universal human needs: social connection, entertainment, relaxation, convenience, transparency, and trust. These needs will endure, even as new products and new technologies fulfill them in different ways.

ZX Ventures works with startups to help consumers access stronger friendships, better products, more exciting experiences, and smoother purchasing journeys. At the same time, we leverage technology to adapt AB InBev’s internal operations to better serve our consumers and the world.

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We invest in Series A and later-stage companies around the world that have a proven revenue model and a demonstrated ability to work with large-scale corporations. We focus on strategic outcomes, not just financial returns, so we tend to connect startups to teams around AB InBev to launch commercial pilots before we invest. We also make acquisitions, particularly of craft breweries and direct-to-consumer brands.

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Craft Breweries

Great beer is fueled by passion. We’re on a mission to find the world’s most passionate brewers, and give them the resources they need to succeed. In the craft beer space, we focus on breweries that combine premium ingredients, sustainable production methods, and deep ties to their local communities in order to create the future of beer.

Enabling Technology

We're investing in technology startups that help us work more efficiently, connect with consumers on a personal level, create more exciting content and experiences, conserve resources, and more positively impact our communities and the environment.

Consumer Products

As consumer habits change, we want to ensure everyone has access to the diverse and refreshing foods and beverages that they are looking for. We’re investing in emerging non-alcoholic beverage brands, as well as wines, spirits, cocktails, and more.


Whether consumers want their products as quickly as possible, or whether they want to browse and discover something new, we want to be there for them. We’re backing high-momentum e-commerce platforms and direct-to-consumer brands outside of the U.S., and working with startups that use technology to open commercial channels through social media, gaming, and other new online and offline environments.




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We provide our portfolio companies with access to AB InBev’s vast network of subject matter experts, unparalleled supply chain capabilities, route-to-market expertise, and marketing properties and partnerships to their supercharge growth.

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